We care for our smallest guests in our Star room. The layout of the space means it feels cosy and safe, whilst allowing newly mobile babies the space to explore.

We work closely with you to mirror the routines that you have begun and ensure this is consistent to support you.

“Babies and young children are encouraged through being physically close, making eye contact and using touch and voice to provide opportunities for early conversation.” Ofsted, 2014

At Capellas we know that the first two years are critical for the development of the brain and other major skills such as language.

The Star Room ensures a large movement area to enable children to move around and progress from babyhood into the new toddler world. We offer calm, consistent and attentive care to allow progress. The Star room have access to the playroom which is equipped for lots of physical play ensure children have the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills.

The large room is divided up into areas of learning with a role play area where children can socialise, a welcoming heuristic play area where children develop many mathematical and sorting skills. A cosy corner for our younger stars allowing them space to explore and enjoy tummy time. Finally, a great messy area where children use the space for messy, sand and water play.

We focus strongly on personal, social and emotional development as well as communication, language and physical development.

The stars have access to the all weather garden area and also use the ‘travel train’ to venture out and about safely in the community. We are often seen out and about in the ‘travel train’ our six-seater transport which includes safety belts and a social time with a great view.

“Babies enjoy lots of sensory play. They feel different materials, such as shaving foam and paint, as well as exploring resources made from natural materials”. Ofsted 2017

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