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We really value the use of the outdoors across the nursery to promote learning and we love to spend time outside whatever the weather.  Our secure, enclosed garden offers opportunities to:

  • ride bikes, horses, donkeys, dragons or whatever else our imagination comes up with
  • use climbing frames and slides on a soft safety surface
  • spend time in our nature garden
  • run around on the grass
  • role play in our little house
  • learn about the outside and changing weather and what it does to our play environment

With the park next to us we often enjoy walks to the duck pond and even our smallest children can participate in our very own 6 seater travel train which enables them to ride in safety to join in all the fun.

The Parkridge Centre is easily accessible for us:

Set in the middle of Brueton Park, on the edge of Solihull Town Centre, the Parkridge Centre and its 5.5 acre nature area offer a tranquil setting for environmental education and information, plus a wide variety of nature conservation events and activities throughout the year.

We also have the local playground or a short walk into Solihull to visit the library or learn about shopping, money and other exciting adventures.

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